Learning Chinese

Originally published September 1, 2009 1:56PM. This has been reposted from it’s home at chinasharah.ycool.com


I got my Teach Yourself Chinese book and CDs today. I was disappointed. No pictures or colored boxes or nothing! Just words. My French and German textbooks were never so depressingly stark. How am I supposed to really believe this dialogue between Mr. Li and Mr. Wang if there are no illustrations showing me what they look like? I have to use my imagination and learn a foreign language all at once? Boo.

Chinese is surprisingly simple. The grammar seems pretty easy. It’s just the pronunciation that’s gonna kill me. My mouth just doesn’t know how to make those sounds!

I’m glad I’m an English speaker learning Chinese and not a Chinese speaker learning English, cuz English is hard. Sheesh, people, do we really need a jillion conjugations for each verb? The Chinese do not appear to conjugate their verbs at all. How I am I supposed to teach the concept of conjugation to people who aren’t accustomed to it? I’m hoping they’ll have other teachers to do the actual teaching part and I’ll be there for conversation practice. Maybe?

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