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Clutch those prawns!

Originally published  August 25, 2009 10:06 AM. This has been reposted from its original home at chinasharah.ycool.comI was using a Chinese blogging platform and using Google translate to help me navigate it.


Are you curious what the links at the bottom of each post say?

According to google translate this:

阅读全文(11) / 评论(3) / 给chinasharah留言 / 扔小纸条
收藏: QQ书签
/ 订阅: Google 抓虾

Read the article (11) / Comments (3) / Leave chinasharah message / throwing a small note
collection: QQ Bookmark / Subscriptions: Google grasping shrimp

Yes, that’s right. Google grasping shrimp. Now you know.

And please, throw me a small note sometime!

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